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if the world is saved,

it will not be saved by old minds with new programs

but by new minds with no programs at all


Invasive Species Management

Invasive Species Management

The consequences of actions taken by humans throughout history are visible today. Many people are here where their ancestors weren't while many others remain where they were displaced to; solid structures of brick and metal rise from rock pavement where there was once dirt and growth unsmothered, and plants from the world around have followed human beings from place to place around the globe.

We are passionate about finding holistic solutions to problems that involve as few chemicals as possible. We teach and practice ways to effectively make use of these invasive plant species, to cultivate motivation to remove them.  Finding and teaching more ways to make use of invasive species will help to address ramifications of global colonization. Careful land management by humans who in the process of reintegration to the natural world can help regenerate, and rewild, the biosphere.


Our goal is to facilitate collective experimental education; we teach what we know, share when we can, and try to always be learning. The industrialist, capitalist world that has been created for us does not allow for equal access to various key resources, like money, or time in unbridled wild spaces. To account for this, and in the spirit of open sharing, we host free workshops every month that introduce various small-scale, place-based skills like foraging for wild plants, making baskets and other crafts, hand tool use, overviews of ancient technologies, tracking and natural awareness. 

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We facilitate a host of programming for younger people, including our weekly forest school, after-school and in-school programs in collaboration with various schools, libraries and homeschool groups in the area, in addition to public and private programs specifically for children and for families. Officially, people of all ages are always welcome at all of our programs unless clearly and specifically listed as otherwise.


Most of our public classes and workshops are designed for people of all ages, and open to anybody and all who want to come. Tuition from public programs goes to support our organization's mission and our commitment to providing scholarships, financial aid and free education to those in need. Many classes are conducted over the course of a few hours on a single day, but some programs span the length of a weekend or a series of months.  

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