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woven fibers


Cordage and Carabiners

Learn to make cordage and carabiners from twisted plant fibers. Every participant will make a handmade bracelet, necklace, keychain or carabiner, or two.


Mini Looms and Woven Pouches

Construct a miniature loom made of birch bark and willow sticks, and use the loom to weave a beautiful small tapestry or pouch. We'll use yarn, string and needles to do the weaving.


Invasive Bittersweet Twining Baskets

Weave a twined basket from invasive bittersweet vines. We'll employ several different weaving techniques in order to create a strong, beautiful basket.


Coiled Pine Needle Baskets

Identify, regeneratively gather and harvest, properly store and process, and weave with pine needles. We'll cover the basics of coiled basketry, which is a global, ancient human skill.


Coiled Cattail Baskets

We'll use cattail leaves and natural thread to create a coiled basket, with an option to use a wooden base.


Folded Birch Bark Baskets

Make a folded basket of birch bark. We’ll use hand-gathered spruce roots and brown ash splints to sew a rim on our folded birch bark baskets, which will be beautiful.


Plaited Birch Bark Baskets

Learn the basics of identification, gathering, processing materials, and storage; and create a beautiful horizontally- or diagonally-plaited (pictured) birch bark basket.


Wild Willow Wicker Baskets

Learn to weave a strong, good-sized, round willow basket. We'll employ several different weaving techniques, including twining, randing and waling, in order to create a beautiful basket for foraging, or use in the kitchen or garden.


Woven Wicker Hearts

Learn to weave with willows: they are such a joy to weave with! We'll cover identification, regenerative gathering, storage and processing, and a basic technique required to make a lovely heart for Valentine's Day. Bonus projects: fish, stars and other shapes!


Cattail Sun Hats

Learn to identify, gather regeneratively, process, store and weave with cattails. We'll use cattails to weave a sun hat that will be lightweight, comfortable, and a beautiful work of art.


Brown Ash Pack Baskets

Learn to process brown ash logs into splints for weaving, and weave a brown ash pack basket. We'll cover the basics of identification, ethical gathering, processing and storage, and horizontal plaited basketry.

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