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Natural Awareness

Learn to be outdoors comfortably without causing discomfort to yourself or others, including non-humans. We'll practice the age-old art of sitting in the woods, discuss the natural cycle of the four directions, learn to read weather patterns, practice orientation with a map and compass, and avoid hazards including ticks and other insects.


Tree I.D.

Tree identification is a key human skill and intrinsic to the rewilders' path. We'll employ simple techniques to effectively identify trees by their location, appearance, signs and growth patterns.


Wild Bird Identification

We’ll cover the basics of key identifying characteristics like shape, size and color, habitat, flight and behavioral patterns, tracks, songs, and sounds. We’ll have several pairs of binoculars to share, but you can bring your own if you have them.


Wildlife Tracking

Practice the skills needed to identify, interpret, read and follow tracks and signs left by wild animals. We'll introduce the basics of gaits and strides, familiarize ourselves with local animals, and explore the ancient art of intuitive tracking.


Nature Journals

Make a nature journal with a birch bark cover. Decorate your journal using pressed flowers or magic marker.


Somatic Kinesthetics

Learn basic somatic kinesthetic techniques that can help you connect more deeply to yourself, others, and the natural world, and feel calm and happy. We will conclude the class with an outdoor meditation and tea ceremony using wild-gathered plants and herbs.


Flower Press

Learn to preserve wildflowers for future study by building and using a flower press. We can decorate the flower presses with pressed flowers.

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