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Bread On A Stick

Bread on a stick, also known as Danish Fire Bread or Snobrod, is so much better than marshmallows! We'll teach how to make an campfire safely and effectively, and make bread on a stick - served with homemade jelly.

Bread On A Stick

Making bread on a stick is a great woodland pastime. It's delicious, filling, energizing, and relatively nutritious - at least, more so than a marshmallow. We always serve bread on a stick with a few different flavors of homemade jelly.

Learn to make bread on a stick! We'll build a campfire together, safely and effectively, and start the fire with a bow drill kit (no matches, lighter or ferro rod)! Then, we'll carve our bread-on-a-stick sticks and finally roast our buns over some warm, smoldering coals.

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