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Ash Splint Pack Baskets




2 Days


About the Course

Ash trees, like oaks, elms, hickories, and more, are ring-porous: the spring growth or "earlywood" (the area between the true growth rings of the tree) is full of pores. This unique characteristic allows for the rings of these trees to be separated individually, along the length of the log, so they maintain their full integrity and strength. This makes them ideal for weaving into baskets. Using a knife, growth rings may be further split and shaved into splints for weaving.

Learn to process brown ash logs into splints for weaving, and weave a brown ash pack basket. We'll cover the basics of identification, ethical gathering, processing and storage, and horizontal plaited basketry. These strong baskets will, if properly cared for, last a lifetime or more.

Your Instructor

Brad Grecco

Brad Grecco

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