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CLasses and Workshops

Cattail Sun Hats

Aa. Nature Connection

Edible and Medicinal Plants

Join us for a walking tour of wild edible plants. We'll identify as many as we can find. We meet at various locations in Maine, and we would be happy to come give you a tour of your own backyard.

Ab. Nature Connection

Natural Awareness

Movement, observation, storytelling, connection. Learn to be outdoors comfortably without causing discomfort to self and others, including non-humans.

Ac. Nature Connection

Tree Identification

Tree identification, then, is a key human skill, and intrinsic to the rewilders' path. Learn to employ simple techniques to effectively identify most trees by their location, bark appearance and growth patterns.

Ad. Nature Connection

Tracking Animals

As humans, throughout history and long before, studying the behavior of non-human relatives has always been paramount. Practice the skills needed to identify, interpret, read and follow tracks and signs left by wild animals.

Ae. Nature Connection

Wild Bird Identification

Learn how to find and identify wild birds! We’ll cover the basics of key identifying characteristics like shape, size and color, habitat, flight and behavioral patterns, tracks, songs and sounds.

Ba. Wilderness Survival

Shelter Building

In the winter, when ample snow is present, we'll make a snow shelter. When snow is absent, we'll use sticks, twigs and leaves to build a debris shelter! We'll cover a few possible emergency scenarios and detail priorities.

Bb. Wilderness Survival

Basic Wood Carving

Gain a comprehensive overview of knives and how to use them. We’ll cover safety, techniques, good form, and various basic carving projects like chopsticks and spinning tops.

Bc. Wilderness Survival

Coal-burned Spoon Carving

Learn coal-burned spoon carving! No special hooked carving knives are required for spoon-making: we can use a glowing coal from the campfire to burn the hole for the bowl.

Bd. Wilderness Survival

Matchless Firestarting

Make a complete bow drill firestarting kit of carved wood and string, and practice using it to make a fire without using matches or a lighter. We will cover the basics of friction fire, and practice form and technique to make coals effectively.

Be. Wilderness Survival

Bundle Bow Archery

A bundle bow is an effective tool for makeshift archery! This bow may not be practical for hunting but is fun to make and use, and could be effective in an emergency survival situation.

Ca. Fibers and Leather

Plant Fiber Cordage and Carabiners

Learn to make cordage and carabiners from twisted plant fibers. Every participant will make a handmade bracelet, necklace, keychain or carabiner, or two.

Cb. Fibers and Leather

Darning and Mending Clothing

Learn the vital art of sewing, darning and mending. We'll study cross-hatch hole-mending, then employ a few simple stitches to create a functional cloth pouch.

Cc. Fibers and Leather

Buckskin Leather Wallets and Pouches

In this class, study a basic overview of the intensive process required to turn animal skins into leather, and learn techniques required to sew with buckskin. We'll use oil-tanned deerskin buckskins to craft wallets, pouches, bags or purses.

Cd. Fibers and Leather

Making Leather (Hide Tanning)

Process animal hides into strong leather, which can be used to make durable clothing, shoes, bags and other items that, if properly cared for, will last for several lifetimes.

Ce. Fibers and Leather

Mini Looms and Pouches

Construct a miniature loom made of birch bark and willow sticks, and use the loom to weave a beautiful small tapestry or pouch. We'll use yarn, string and needles to do the weaving.

Cf. Fibers and Leather

Barefoot Running Sandals

Make some barefoot-style minimalist running sandals using a variety of ancient patterns and techniques. The sandals we make may be inspired by many different examples created by different groups of peoples around the world and across time.

Da. Wild Baskets

Invasive Bittersweet Twining Baskets

Weave a twined basket from invasive bittersweet vines. We'll employ several different weaving techniques in order to create a strong, beautiful basket.

Db. Wild Baskets

Coiled Pine Needle Baskets

Identify, regeneratively gather and harvest, properly store and process, and weave with pine needles. We'll cover the basics of coiled basketry, which is a global, ancient human skill.

Dc. Wild Baskets

Folded Birch Bark Baskets

Make a folded basket of birch bark. We’ll use hand-gathered spruce roots and brown ash splints to sew a rim on our folded birch bark baskets, which will be beautiful.

Dd. Wild Baskets

Plaited Birch Bark Baskets

Learn the basics of identification, gathering, processing materials, and storage; and create a beautiful horizontally- or diagonally-plaited (pictured) birch bark basket.

De. Wild Baskets

Randed Gathering Baskets

Learn to weave a strong, good-sized, round willow basket. We'll employ several different weaving techniques, including twining, randing and waling, in order to create a beautiful basket for foraging, or use in the kitchen or garden.

Df. Wild Baskets

Woven Hearts

Learn to weave with willows: they are such a joy to weave with! We'll cover identification, regenerative gathering, storage and processing, and a basic technique required to make a lovely heart for Valentine's Day. Bonus projects: woven fish, stars and other shapes!

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